5. Google Ads conversion code

1. Create Google Ads conversions

Access Google Ads to create an account: https://ads.google.com
Access: Google Ads -> Tools and Settings -> Conversions -> New Generation
Choose the conversion you want eg: Website
Here for convenience and ease of management, we should use Google Tag Manager's tag manager Choose to use Google Tag Manager
Click finish
Go to Google Tag Manager: https://tagmanager.google.com
Link Google Ads and Google Tags, after linking, just attach the Google Tag Manager code to Webcake to be able to manage both Google Ads and Google Analytics
Conversion event link: Copy the Google Ads code and paste it in the Google Tag Manager tag generation

3. Check Google Tag activity

To check if Google Analytics has recorded the events that you have installed above, you need to download the Google Tag Assistant application and install it on the Chrome browser.
After the application has displayed in the browser, you enable the landing page to be tested, and select Enable then F5 to reload the page.
Kiểm tra GA4 và Google Tag Manager

3. In addition, you can directly attach Google Ads tracking to the button in Webcake if you do not use Google Tags Manager

Attach a Google Ads conversion directly to a button in Webcake:
Note: You can choose the option: "Priority is given to the product value". When Webcake send event to Google Ads, it will auto send with the value of the order.

4. Set up Tag yourself

You can set up tag yourself to track
Set up Tag -> Instal the tag Yourself
Copy code "Global site tag" and "event snippet"
Put on code on landing page: Setting -> HTML/Javascript -> Before "</head>" Tag