1.2.B. Send order information via WA Business

1. Setting Chatbot to prepare to send order information to customers

In this tutorial, I use the chatbot Botcake - Free chatbot platform developed by Pancake Team

1.1. Create flow templates

Users create flow templates at Whatsapp Business and select templates and transmit data at Botcake

1.2. Create a message flow to send to customers

Access Botcake -> Flow -> Create new flow -> Name the flow -> Access edit flow

1.3. Select template and pass data to template

Pass data to template

Get field_ID in Webcake

Some hidden fields: total_price: Total order value (For orders with products connected with POS)

shipping_fee: Shipping fee of the order

items: List of products in the orders

aff: Affiliate information

discount_code: promotions information on Webcake

2.1. Create Botcake configuration

Integration -> Botcake -> Whatsapp -> Select page

Get tokens from Botcake

Paste token from Botcake -> Get Botcake flow -> Select flow

Webcake -> Landing page -> Landing page management -> Connection -> Botcake -> Add connection -> Select the connection created above

3. Publication and use

The message sent to customers will be like:

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