1.Connect, sync Webcake - POS Pancake

1. Create to connecting WEBCAKE - POS

Access Dashboard view -> Intergrations -> Pancake POS -> Connect POS

2. Connect Landing page with configuration POS

Access Dashboard -> Landing page Name -> Details -> Pancake POS
At the connection view -> Connect -> Select available configuration before.
Customize configuration: add products, combo, promotions, ...

2. Connect form's field with products

2.1 Products with 1 variation

There are 3 main ways:
  • Use the field Quantity: Connect to product variation
  • Use the field Select: Connect the option of the field to product variation
  • Use the field Radio: Connect the option of the field to product variation

2.2 Products have many variations with 1 property ( Ex: size)

Use the Checkbox Group field: Associate the selection in the field with the product model
Tick option "Connect to quantity product" in order to the order have products informaiton on POS
Have 3 option to reference:
Option 1 Use to Select field
Option 2 Use to Radio field
Option 3 Use to Quantity field

2.3 Products have many variations and many properties ( Ex: size)

Usable fields: Link with each property of product
  • Select
  • Radio
  • Checkbox