1. Section

What is section?

The section is a piece of content on the Landing Page. Each piece of content has its own meaning and is combined together into a highly convincing series of content.

Basic manipulation with Section

1. Manipulating Section on the Quick Setup Bar

  • Up: Change Section position, bring Frame to front

  • Down: Change Section position, put Section down

  • Quickly create an empty Section: Create a white Section below the currently selected frame

  • Delete Section

2. Adjust the Section size

Click on the Section you want to adjust -> Press and hold the resize icon -> drag upwards, downwards to adjust the section size

3. Manipulating sections in the Sidebar

Actions: Add White Section, add Sample Section, manage saved sections

4. Manipulating the Section in the Setup Block

  • Change background color for section

Block set -> Background color -> Change color

  • Change background image for Section

Settings: Position, style, repeat

Allows saving Section to gallery and use for other locations or Landing Page

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