14. Video box

There are 2 ways to insert videos into the landing page, please refer to and use the 2 methods below:

14.1 Use Video Element

To use video box access: Sidebar -> Media -> Drag video box to builder ->Select type video -> Edit video

There are 3 types of video:

  • Video Youtube

  • Video Vimeo

  • Video Webcake

Custom video image: Video -> Backgroud -> Image

14.2 Use HTML Box

You can use this element to embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo platforms, but the disadvantage of this block is that you cannot customize the video.

1. Get code Embed

Access Youtobe, Vimeo -> Share -> Embed -> Copy <iframe> tag

Get code embed on Youtobe

Get code embed on Vimeo

2. Insert code on landing page

On Builder -> Other -> HTML box -> Edit HTML -> paste code

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