6. Notification

Add a new notification block from sidebar:

  • Principle of the Notify feature: display the prepared content in Google Sheet/ Datagrid

  • Edit Notify block display: change Notify's text color, background color in Text color, Color and background image

Option 1: Create content from Google Sheet

Step 1: Create a Google Sheet with 4 main content columns with titles: Title, Content, Time, Image and you fill information of the columns.

To get the image link, you can upload the image to Webcake's photo library and click Copy URL to go to the photo page and copy the link of the image:

Default image link if you want to use: https://statics.pancake.vn/web-media/4b/52/7f/e7/666682ecfee619a3451cf2566aba653946dc13bfe52f47456f186874.png

Step 2: Publish Google Sheet to web

Step 3: Go back to the original sheet link and copy the Google Sheet ID and paste it into the Google Sheet ID section in the Notify settings..

Note: get the ID of the original google sheet, not the ID of the link after it was published in step 2.

Step 4: New update of Google sheet requires users to share the sheet so it can be displayed on notification

  • Go to sheet -> Share -> Share with anyone (view permission)

  • Republish the landing page on Webcake

Option 2: Create data from Datagrid

Create Datagrid with type: Notify

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