3. Block set

The setup block is the main setting center for the elements.

In the Quick Setup Bar -> click on the settings icon to display the Setup Block.

The Setup Blocks are different and customizable with each element

General manipulation of elements with Set-up Block:

1. Location

Area display and adjust the position and size of elements including:

  • Horizontal size

  • Vertical size

  • Horizontal position (X)

  • Vertical position (Y)

2. Tools

Includes operations with the following elements:

  • Hide / show

  • Replication

  • Delete

  • Pin

3. Border correction

  • Top left corner

  • Top right corner

  • Lower left corner

  • Bottom right corner

  • Border size Equal 4 corners

  • Border style

  • Border color

  • Border transparency

4. Shading

Including operations:

  • Ball definition

  • Horizontal shadows (X)

  • Vertical shadows

  • Glossy color

5. Effect

Include operations:

  • Type of effect

  • Waiting time

  • Running time

  • Repeat

6. Opacity

Adjust opacity

7. Overlay

Place a block of color with adjustable transparency and color on the element

Setting block-> Overlay


  • Overlay style

  • Color Overlay

  • Overlay opacity

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