4. Full-page setup

At the Builder page, click on the "Settings" icon in the left corner of the screen on the "Header bar" to access the full page Settings

Settings in Full Page Setup

1. General Setting

Set up SEO & Tags

See section: Page description settings

Thumbnail: Is a thumbnail image, avatar, cover image

Favicon image: Iconic image of Landing Page

Fonts setup

General Font setting for the whole page: Element blocks, when newly added to the page, will default to the full page font. Can set separate Font for each element

Default font: Inner

Order setup

Save information entered from the Form: Save information that customers enter into the Form. Customer information can be managed on Admin page or synchronized on POS - Pancake

Uncompleted Save: Save customer information entered into the form that has not been submitted as a draft order

2. Tracking code

Location tags: Facebook ID, Google Ads ID, Google Analytics ID, Google Tag Manager ID, Tiktok Pixel

3. Page configuration

Set up screen, design mode anh compress image

4. JavaScripts & CSS code

5. Event synthesis

Location aggregates tracked events (Facebook, Google, ...) in Landing Page

6. Orthers

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