11. Using Landing Page as a webform

Create Botcake Connection

Access: Intergrations -> Botcake -> Connect Botcake.io -> Page

1. Connect Landing Page with Fanpage in Botcake

Access: Dashboard -> Page detail -> Connect -> Connect Botcake -> Add -> Select available configuration

2. Publish Landing Page and the webform will be generated automatically

After publishing Landing Page in Webcake -> Access Botcake -> Setting -> General -> Webform

3. Using webform in Botcake

3.1 Setting notification after customers submit form in Webform

In addition, you can use the structure: {{total_price}} to send information about the order value to Botcake

Hello {{ full_name }}, 
Order information
Full name: {{ full_name }}
Phone number: {{ phone_number }} 
Address: {{ address }} 
Products: {{ items }} 
To†al price: {{total_price}}

You can create or edit information when customers submit form

3.2 Using webform in Botcake

Process: Customers use Botcake -> Click the button to open webform -> Place an order -> Botcake will notify after the customer successfully places an order

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