15. Dynamic

Dynamic feature helps users to create campaigns to direct their customers to access according to set conditions (For example, Country, IP address, Operating system, show section, hide sections. death...)

Dashboard -> Applications -> Dynamic -> Add Campaign

4.1 Create campaign

There are 3 types of campaigns

URL Split: From the original link to other links

A/B Testing: Keep the original link, change the content to correspond to the content of the other link attached

Dynamic Content: Native link navigation performs actions like hide element, show element, scroll to Section... proportionally (Total actions must be 100%)

4.2 Set up A/B Testing campaigns and URL Split

Depending on the business goal, the user will set up the conditions to direct customers to the desired Landing Page

4.3 Set up Dynamic Content campaign

Set conditions for actions according to user intent

  • Show element

  • Hide element

  • Scroll to section

To get ID CSS element, you click : Element -> Tracking -> Copy CSS


To Edit campaign, you need to pause then click Continue to campaign that runs again

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