17. Set up formula on Form

1. Usable fields in formulas

1.1. Using number fields in form

  • Number input

  • Quantity

  • Quantity Input

  • Quantity of Groupselect

To set up formula, you need to

Click Form -> Add -> choose field -> get ID with formula: {{ID_field}}

Ex: {{quantity}}, {{number_input_1}},....

1.2. Using selectable field in the form

Các trường có thể sử dung:

  • Radio

  • Select

  • Checkbox


  • If left blank, the default value will be 0 .

  • If selected, will retrieve the product value associated with the selection from the POS

  • With the Checkbox field will take the total value of the selections

1.3. Quantity of Cart

To set up formula for Quantity of cart, you need to

Click element ->Tracking -> CSS-> copy CSS with formula: {{CSS}}

Ex: {{el4gi5ym}}

1.4. Survey


  • Default will take the value 0

  • If the product is linked to the POS, the POS product value will be obtained

  • If you enter a value directly in the survey option, that value will be taken

2. Show formula values

Turn on option " Formula " -> set up formula with ID fields: Plus(+), Sub(-), Mul(*), Div(/)

Element used to be with Formula:

  • Form: Text Input, Number Input

  • Text element

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