2. Lucky spin wheel

To set up the Lucky Spin, go to Toolbar -> Others -> Lucky Spin and select the Gear Set and edit the contents on the spin

1. Coupon lists / Data source

- Coupon code: Coupon code the customer receives after the turnaround - Coupon text: content will be displayed in the lucky wheel - %: Rate of rotation in boxes per rotation

There are 2 ways to set up the data: Default or Datagrid

1.1 Default

Generate information in the form available with the format: CouponCodeINameCoupon/% ( EX: COUPON50|Coupon 50k|90%)

1.2 Datagrid

2.Results Popup và Message

If you use the default Popup, it will display the default message.

In case you want to use optional Popup, you can create a new Popup and use it.


You can customize the background as desired to use

4. How to display rotation results on the results popup

After the customer spins the lucky spin, if you want the result to automatically fill in the resulting field in the form, you can use the additional field: Coupon code

In case you do not want customers to click edit this information field, you can hide the Coupon Code field in the registration form, the information will still be sent to your archive channel.

In addition, in case you want to display the customer coupon code that has been captured on the popup, Ex: Congratulation, you have successfully filmed the 15% discount code, set the following => Go to Add new- Title edit title text to: Congratulations on successfully filmed {{coupon_text}}

5. Custom codes for lucky spins

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