32. URL 404

In the case where you publish a domain A (e.g., www.abc.com) with one landing page, but the subdirectory of domain A (e.g., www.abc.com/test) does not have any published landing page, visitors accessing the link www.abc.com/test will encounter the default 404 interface of Webcake.

Instead of using the default 404 interface of Webcake, you can create a custom 404 page according to your preferences.

Step 1: Design a complete landing page to serve as your custom 404 interface and publish it with a specific URL.

Step 2: Access the Domain section, choose Custom 404 URL.

Step 3: Enter the URL of the custom 404 page or the path to the landing page with the 404 content you want to display.


  • If you customize the 404 URL for the main domain (e.g., www.abc.com), all subdirectories of the main domain (e.g., www.abc.com/products, www.abc.com/services...) without a specific interface will display the set 404 page. This does not apply to subdomains of the main domain (e.g., products.abc.com) without a specific interface.

  • A domain with a customized 404 URL, but without any published landing page, will display the configured 404 interface when accessed by visitors.

  • This feature is exclusive to Webcake domains and does not extend to domains on other platforms

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