6. Cart

Cart feature allow landing page has cart just like a website

To use this feature, following these steps:

1. Connect your product from POS

Access Dashboard view -> Intergrations -> Pancake POS -> Connect POS

2.Connect Landing page with configuration POS

Access Dashboard -> Landing page Name -> Details -> Pancake POS

At the connection view -> Connect -> Select available configuration before.

Customize configuration: add products, combo, promotions, ...

3. Design in Builder

Step 1: Turn on "Cart feature"

Builder -> Sidebar -> Cart -> Turn on

Option 1: Quick "Add to cart" button

Add event "Add to cart" for single button

Option 2: Add to cart with selecting variations

Step 2: Group elements and link with products

  • Select elements and make group

  • Link the group with the product

Step 3: Link elements with product variations

There are 3 connecting types:

  • Connect field: Connect with product variations

    • Select attribute then select value

  • Add to cart

    • Use for button to add product into cart

  • Link variation images

    • Use for images or gallery: When someone click on product's variation -> the images or gallery will show that product's variation image (first product variation image in POS)

Step 4: Edit cart

Step 5: Edit checkout popup

Link checkout popup with cart

3. Publishing

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