1.Send order information from Landing Page to Messenger using Botcake

1. Setting Chatbot to prepare to send order information to customers

In this tutorial, I use the chatbot Botcake - Free chatbot platform developed by Pancake Team, other chatbots do the same.

1.1. Create Messgener REF URL tool

This is a tool that allows you to create an access link to the Messenger of the Page with a Ref code to format the access source.

Chatbot will recognize the link by following Ref code and send a pre-installed message corresponding to this link.

Go to Botcake.io -> Tools -> Create new tools -> Messenger Ref URL -> Temporarily leave it and set up the next step

1.2. Create a Customer Field to send order information to customers

Customer Field is used to send order details to customers outside of the fields: Name, phone number, address.

Access: Botcake -> Configuration -> Custom Field -> Create custom field -> Name, description -> Select data type: Character string -> Save

1.3. Create message flow to send to customers

Create Message stream to send the information from Chatbot to customers who are from Ref URL.

Go to: Botcake -> Flow -> Create new flow -> Flow name-> Access editing

Note: The information you need to put in to automatically send information to that customer (refer to the photo below)

Full name

Phone number


Custom field just created above

1.4. Connect Messenger Ref URL with Messenger

B1: Access: Botcake -> Tools -> Messenger Ref URL just created -> Edit -> Opt-In message -> Press "Select" to choose the flow.

B2: Config

  • Change the Ref URL if desired

  • Link Payload with Custom field created from above to link Ref URL with Custom field -> send order details

Get Webcake field ID:

Note: It is necessary to turn on the "Start" button for the chatbot or to the frequently asked questions -> The purpose for the customer to click -> Because the customer needs to interact with the page first, then Chatbot can send information to the customer.

Get the Ref URL link from Botcake

Some hidden fields: total_price: Total order value (For orders with products connected with POS)

shipping_fee: Shipping fee of the order

items: List of products in the orders

aff: Affiliate information

discount_code: promotions information on Webcake

bonus: Bonus products of Product on POS

Webcake -> form -> Settings bar -> Advanced -> Open extra Url / Application -> Paste above Botcake link into input box -> Save and publish

Messenger message:

You can watch video detail on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BPEqEL-Nuc

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