1B. Method 3

The benefit of doing it this way is that you can utilize the setting of the Ref URL connection for many landing pages with the same Form without having to visit Botcake in order to obtain the Ref link.

Step 1. Create Ref URL on Botcake

On Botcake, create a REF URL link similar to item 1.

Link: https://docs.webcake.io/v/english/tinh-nang-mo-rong/5.send-order-information-from-landing-page-to-messenger-using-botcake

Step 2. Create Ref URL configuration

Intergrations -> Botcake -> Connect Botcake.io -> Connect with Facebook -> Ref URL

Continue -> Choose page -> Choose Ref URL

Step 3. Connect Botcake config to landing

  • Add Ref URL for Form

Click Form -> Advance -> Choose Ref URL config

  • Add Ref URL for Button

Click element -> Advance -> On Click -> Open Application -> Choose Ref URL config

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