1.2. Send order information to Whatsapp

Currently, there are two ways to send order information to WhatsApp:

  • Using Ref-URL (Instructions at 1.2.A)

    • Can be used for both Business WA and Personal WA

    • After opening the Ref-URL link, a pre-written message will appear for the user. The user needs to click to send the message to the Brand first. Only then can Brand send the message back to the user.

    • There is no fee for WA but requires user action. There is a percentage of customers who do not click to send a message to Brand

  • Send messages directly to customers (Instructions in 1.2.B)

    • It can only be used for WA Business because it uses a template to send messages to customers

    • Can send messages immediately to customers after they submit the form. It just need the form to have a phone number

    • Loss of fees to WA

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