4. Design an impressive Landing Page


AIDA is a basic formula of marketing, AIDA stands for 4 words: Attention, Interest, Desire , Action.

AIDA formula is a formula built to "direct the attention of others to the most directional ".


The first step you have to reach, to attract the attention of people about the content, the field that you want to convey. How do you make so many choices in life that people stop to explore and choose what you bring. You can use many different methods such as: comparing, using impressive words, repeating many times ... to arouse interest and curiosity of people around.

  • Interest

The attractiveness of people will only have a definite effect that is not permanent and stable if you cannot show them the new, interesting things in it. Creating excitement is one of the most important and difficult steps.

You need to research and learn carefully to grasp the outstanding features in your theme and products, and at the same time understand the needs and desires of your target audience to sort and select factors. , the most relevant message.

You do not have to be too wordy, it will only make others feel confused and do not "leave" anything in mind. Instead, just being brief but on demand, you will evoke interest from others.

  • Desire

From eliciting excitement, hitting the needs of your target audience, you've got a piece of success in hand. Because most people will want something new to satisfy their curiosity. This is a good time for you to show them how your offer helps them.

  • Action

The above 3 steps are the prerequisites to help you come to success in this final stage. When you have the full interest, excitement and desire, you can completely take the initiative in leading people to follow the actions you want. They can agree to your topic, offer, recommendation or accept to use the product provided by you.

Identify the specific action you want people to take to get the most out of it.

Usually, the landing page must capture the visitor's attention within the first 3 seconds of visiting. If visitors can't see what they're looking for on the page right away or aren't interested in what they're seeing, they will most likely leave your site.

3. Satisfy customers' expectations

The landing page should be consistent with the suggestions provided by the original ad or vice versa. Visitors need to find on the landing page what they are promised to see in the ad clicked.

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