2. Types

Sort Landing Page by appearance:

  • Landing Page appears as a subpage in the website

  • Landing Page appears as a pop-up ad, usually windows that open when a user visits a website's homepage.

  • Landing Page as a separate page with your own domain name or subdomain.

Sort the landing page by goal:

  • Landing Page gather leads (Lead Generation Page)

Purpose: Collect basic information of potential customers (such as name, email, phone number) to reach them at a certain time for the following marketing activities. These Landing Pages often provide customers with useful information, exchanging benefits (ebook, voucher, free service, ...) to collect their information.

  • Landing Page for sales

Purpose: Call to action, persuade customers to buy your products or products right on your Landing Page

  • Landing Page conversion (Click-Through Page)

Purpose: Lead your audience to the main conversion page.

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