1. Overview

What is Landing Page? What is the difference between Landing Page and Website?

Landing Page is a landing page (target page), an independent website optimized specifically for an advertising or marketing campaign where customers visit after they click on a link in an email, advertisement. from Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, ... or any other place on the web.

Landing Page is a page that looks, content and domain name almost like a normal website. However, it is simpler and focuses on a certain content and there are even some landing page interfaces that only encapsulate content on a single page.

Whereas a Website is a group of pages that describe your story, company, business, or any other interesting topic. Landing Page focused on a single content or a single purpose (e.g. CTA button - call to action), Landing Page provides a great solution to increase conversion rates for your marketing campaigns. and reduce the cost of acquiring a customer or prospect.

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