1.8 . Connect, sync Webcake - CRM

CRM - Pancake CRM Customer relationship management software https://crm.pancake.ph/

1. Create to connect WEBCAKE - CRM

Access Dashboard view -> Integrations -> Pancake POS -> Connect POS

2. Connect the Landing page with the configuration CRM

Access Dashboard -> Landing page Name -> Details -> Pancake POS

At the connection view -> Connect -> Select available configuration before.

2. Connect the form's field with the products

  • When the orders from Webcake to CRM have automatically filled, the default fields eg: Name, address, phone number...

  • With custom fields. User input ID field in Webcake form to match ID field in CRM

Note: The fields of the table in CRM to "Required", the field of the corresponding Webcake form also needs to be "Required" for users to fill in and complete data from Webcake to synchronize to CRM.

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