13. Conect, sync data Webcake - MailChimp

Mailchimp is known as a Marketing automation platform that can make it easy for users to share emails and promotional campaigns with customers and other interested parties. To connect data from a landing page to a MailChimp management email sequence, do the following:

Step1 . Create Account connection

Intergrations -> Account connect -> Add -> MailChimp
To get API key, you can access MailChimp account: https://mailchimp.com/
-> Copy API Key

Step 2. Create configuration

Intergrations -> Data storage -> Add
You need to fill in the information and customize the fields according to the options of the registration form, On the left are the information fields you created on the form on the landing page, on the right are the information fields you created on Mailchimp

Step 3. Connect MailChimp config with landing page

Click landing page ->Connect -> Select config