15. Landing page automatically updates price and inventory from POS

  • Display product list and shopping cart
  • Automatically update inventory and prices on POS without publishing a landing page
  • Sort the order of products to the top of the page when livestreaming
  • Optimal page loading speed
  • Search for the exact product by code right on the Landing page
  • Orders automatically sync to POS Pancake
You can refer our template: https://preview.webcake.io/webcake-live
To use this feature, you need to install it by following these steps:

Step 1. Create to connect configuration Webcake - POS

Access Dashboard -> Intergrations -> Pancake POS -> Connect POS

Step 2. Connect landing pages with POS configuration

Access Dashboard -> Landing page Name -> Details -> Pancake POS
At the connection view -> Connect -> Select available configuration before.
Customize configuration: add products, combo, promotions, ...

Step 3. Design on Builder

1. Add List Product element

Builder -> Order -> List Product

2. Create check out popup

3. Enable shopping cart

Bước 4. Publish and use

Note: You can sort products to the top of your landing page without having to republish by pushing or adjust the index of the products in the connected view.

6. Flash Sales

Configure Flash sale for each product:
  • Set the number of Flash sale products
  • Set up Flash sale price
  • Set up Limit number products 1 order
Dashboard -> Pancake POS -> Icon Setting -> Flash sales -> turn on/off option Flash sales

7. Currency Configuration

The currency of the product will be synchronized with the currency configuration you set on POS
To display the currency of the product, you need to configure the default currency in the POS
View on POS -> Setting -> General -> Default currency

8. Connect promotion on view Cart

8.1 Shipping Fee

Order Setting -> Add

8.2 Coupon code

Create coupon code on POS
Add coupon code for landing page