16.1 Paypal payment

1. Create a payment app at PayPal

1.1 Create a payment app

You need to create an app in Production to use https://developer.paypal.com/reference/production/

Here is an app created on PayPal's test environment (Sandbox),


-> Copy Client ID and Secret

1.2. Create a PayPal payment connection

Integrations -> PayPal Payment

2. Connect PayPal button with the created payment configuration

Sidebar -> PayPal Payment -> Add to page -> Advanced -> Connect Payment configuration


  • The customers need to place an order before paying with Paypal to receive the order value from the form

  • You can only add 1 PayPal button to the page

  • User should add the PayPal button in Thank you popup or Thank you page after buyers submit the form

  • The order value in the form will be reflected as the product value in the order or the Facebook tracking value

3 The order value

  • The order value in the form will take the default value if the form does have products

  • If the form has a POS product, the order value will take the product in the form and the order

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