5.Block IP spam order

This feature allow block spam order

1. Add IP to Black list

To get ID user, you need access Form Data -> The order -> Detail -> Copy IP

Case 1. Block IP for each landing page

Access: List of Landing page -> Choose page -> Black list -> Add IP
Add IP to black list
Order from this IP will be send to Black list

Case 2. Block IP for all Landing pages

Setting -> General setting -> turn on toggle "IP is blocked from create form"

2. Block orders sent to Googlesheet and POS

Orders from blocked IPs will go to the block orders section and will not sync to Googlesheet and POS

3. The orders from blocked IP will not send information to Pixel

Blocked IPs when placing an order:
  • Orders will still be coming to Webcake
  • The order screen will display the message: "Order is blocked"
  • The orders from blocked IP will not shoot information on pixels -> These applications will not be counted in camp

4. Block orders from customers blocked in POS

Access POS -> Customer -> Turn on option "Blocked"
Turn on option "Do not sync orders to POS when customers are blocked"