2. Add tag for order from Webcake to POS

1. Create order's tag at POS

Access: POS -> Configuration -> Order tag -> Create tag

2. Add tag for order from Webcake

Access: Landing Page -> Details-> Pancake POS -> Shop-> Edit -> Add Tag form to POS

3. Add "Draft form" tag from Webcake

Draft Form : The customer has left a phone number in the registration form but has not yet clicked submit the form for some reason (hesitant, forgot to press the button, ...) After 10 minutes, we will show this order as a Draft form on Webcake

Step 1. Create "Draft form" tag on POS

Note When tag need to be ticked all options, the order is automatically added tag when the Draft form is synced from Webcake to POS

Step 2. Add tag for Draft form from Webcake