1. Dashboard page

Once logged in, the screen will go to the Dashboard page to manage the Landing Page

1. Create a new Landing Page

To create Landing Page, you perform the following actions: Dashboard -> Create Landing Page

There are 3 ways to create Landing Page

  • Create an empty Landing Page

  • Select the WEBCAKE template page to edit

  • Use your own templates (.pke file upload)

2. Landing Page Manipulation in Dashboard

At the Dashboard page, hover the mouse to the desired Landing Page or enter the search box to go to the desired Landing Page.

Landing Page actions: Dashboard page -> icons set three dots (...)

  • Rename Landing Page

  • Duplicate Landing Page

  • Share Landing Page

  • Stop publishing Landing Page

  • Delete Landing Page

  • Viewing Landing Page statistics: Click on the Landing Page name to access statistics for each Landing page

  • View Landing Page site: Click the domain name under the Landing Page name

  • Edit: Clicking on Design will lead to the Builder page

3. Landing Page data

  • Example Template

Browse and use WEBCACE's sample interfaces for a wide variety of industries and topics

  • Data Form

Aggregate data about the customers of all Landing Page pages

  • Integration

Integration, synchronization, data backup with third parties: POS Pancake, Google Sheet, Excel, ...

  • Applications

Create short link, access login, dynamic pages, UTM

  • Domain

Set up your own domain for publishing Landing Pages

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