3. Tiktok pixel

I. Basic Tiktok Pixel

Base tiktok pixel settings to track basic activity on your page: View page events, time on page

To use the Tiktok Pixel to track and measure Landing Pages, first visit the Tiktok Ads management page: https://ads.tiktok.com/

Access: Library -> Event

At the Web Events window, click: Manage to access Tiktok Pixel manage

Click Set Up Web Events

How to attach Pixel TikTok to the landing page:

  • Copy Pixel code

  • Extract the ID of that Pixel code

  • Paste the ID into your Landing page at the Webcake builder page


  • Pixel code:

!function (w, d, t) {
  w.TiktokAnalyticsObject=t;var ttq=w[t]=w[t]||[];ttq.methods=["page","track","identify","instances","debug","on","off","once","ready","alias","group","enableCookie","disableCookie"],ttq.setAndDefer=function(t,e){t[e]=function(){t.push([e].concat(Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments,0)))}};for(var i=0;i<ttq.methods.length;i++)ttq.setAndDefer(ttq,ttq.methods[i]);ttq.instance=function(t){for(var e=ttq._i[t]||[],n=0;n<ttq.methods.length;n++)ttq.setAndDefer(e,ttq.methods[n]);return e},ttq.load=function(e,n){var i="https://analytics.tiktok.com/i18n/pixel/events.js";ttq._i=ttq._i||{},ttq._i[e]=[],ttq._i[e]._u=i,ttq._t=ttq._t||{},ttq._t[e]=+new Date,ttq._o=ttq._o||{},ttq._o[e]=n||{};var o=document.createElement("script");o.type="text/javascript",o.async=!0,o.src=i+"?sdkid="+e+"&lib="+t;var a=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];a.parentNode.insertBefore(o,a)};

}(window, document, 'ttq');

-> Pixel ID: CA239R3C77U7ER8KVGQG

Attach the Pixel ID and publish the landing page

Note: Do not paste the entire script of Tiktok into the Webcake page because if you use many pixels the page will take a long time to load and Webcake will also let the custom code load last when entering the page -> Tiktok will warn the page to load long.

Webcake has already got TikTok's code to process -> Just attach Pixel ID

II. Customize the Tiktok pixel

1. Tracking with Custom code

Webcake has built-in TikTok events and custom codes, users only need to select the code, enter the currency and value. Webcake will automatically send pixels when there is an event

2. Using Event Builder

Add event -> Tiktok pixel -> Manually install pixel code -> Event Builder

2.1 Tracking with the thank you page

Binding is similar to the base pixel link for the main page (item 1)

2.2 Tracking with Element

You can get code ID of element on Webcake: Builder -> click element -> Tracking -> copy CSS

III. Track event Tiktok pixel

Download the TikTok Pixel Helper extension to check Tiktok event measurement on your landing page

You can watch the video details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szGcl6GtLKI

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