4.2A Google Analytics 4 (New Version)

The latest version of Google's web analytics platform, called Google Analytics 4, was updated on October 14, 2020. The new attribute type includes expanded prediction insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement, and more granular data control.

1. Create Google Analytics 4

After creating an account or creating a new property, the default code will be Google Analytics 4

The part that needs the most attention is the data flow, which is where the data to be installed into the track is selected.

Creating a new Web data stream we get:

2. LinkGoogle Tag And Google Analytics 4

Tại view luồng dữ liệu, sao chép mã đo lường

Access Google Tag Manager: https://tagmanager.google.com

Link to Google Analytics

3. Add Google Tag code to Webcake Builder

Copy Google Tag code and paste to Webcake Builder

Add to Webcake Builder

4. Check Google Tag activity

To check whether Google Analytics has recorded the events you installed above, you need to download the Google Tag Assistant extension and install it on Chrome browser.

After the extension is displayed in the browser, turn on the landing page you want to test, and select Enable then F5 to reload the page.

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