2.3. Conversion API Facebook

Conversion API is new Facebook update after Apple's update in IOS 14 version

1. Get Conversion API from Pixel

Notes Just can get Conversion API from BM's

Access: https://business.facebook.com/events_manager2/list/pixel/ -> Choose your Pixel -> Setting -> Conversion API -> Set up manual -> Get started

Next to step "Select Event"

you need to select parameters and customer information you want to send from your server for this event

Note: You should select "email" to best practises

And next to step to finished

2. Create Conversion API list at Webcake

Access: Webcake -> Integrations -> Conversion API -> Add Token -> Paste Pixel ID and Conversion API token

3. Add Pixel and Conversion API into Global Tracking at Webcake

Turn on conversion API for pixel

4. Add Global Tracking into your Landing Page

The builder -> Setting -> Tracking code -> select Global tracking

Let's publish and Test event to check status of Event Match Quanlity

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