7. Publish landing page to Shopify

1. Create Account Shopify

You need to have a Shopify account and subscribe to Shopify's plan to connect the application https://www.shopify.com

2. Create Account Shopify partner

Access here https://partners.shopify.com

3. Create Shopify Application

Step 1: Partner Shopify -> All apps -> Set up ->Create app manually

Step 2: Save Client ID and Client secret

Step 3: Setup app

Step 4: Distribution Application

Note: The link taken is Shopify's store link

You access this link to add Shopify domain on Webcake

4. Verify domain with Webcake

Step 1: Domain -> Add new domain -> Save

  • Domain name: Your Shopify store's primary domain

  • API Key

  • Client

Step 2: Click icon Three dots -> Authenticate

5. Publish

You can follow tutorial video to publish landing page to Shopify

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